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a.k.a. Yosuke Kubozuka

July 2, 2017

Then I became “another” (parent), somehow peculiar for better or worse. I find myself very special for my having become a parent very peculiar or even uncanny for my being brought up in an ordinary family;

I have grown up in an “ordinary” family with my parents “very (too) ordinary” to make me wonder why I was “so ordinary”, which has given me energy to fight back, in turn. Then, as a result, my base has become very flat for me to finally be able to feel good about myself on what I’ve done to gain what I wanted to have or what were necessary for me, with my own original feelings. Now. My dad loved to play the guitar, and loving nature, often picked up “rocks” to bring back home (when will you do away with those?). Even vegetables on the roadside (which I couldn’t, or wouldn’t). Then I became “another” (parent), somehow peculiar for better or worse. I find myself very special for my having become a parent very peculiar or even uncanny for my being brought up in an ordinary family; if my parents had been weirdos, say suppose, I would have been rather on the so-called right track. I have, you know, just sought after outside stimulus. A proof: after I came over to Tokyo, I haven’t gone home, ever, for 3 years. It was not that I hated my own home, but I just wanted to know a broader world. The world my mother had once been talking about started to turn out to be, well, not really true (frankly). Then in the very real world I wanted to play around, grow up or act; my mindset to better know the true world away from my home was, indeed, intense.

Interesting, anyways, right? Three of us doing something like this though brought up in an, uh, ordinary family (you know what I mean).

Shusuke has been influenced by me, more or less, too. I might be a big brother for him, well, of kind, with the physical existence of mine beside him or not. As far as *Rueed goes, I have rather pushed it toward the direction of club music. For example, as I knew his love toward such sorts of music. I bought a turn table when he was a 7th or 8th grader for him to play with or gave mixed tapes to him. He, like, even before I started using internet, began to check the website of *Rocawear to talk about *JAY-Z or something. Starting playing with his sound, in for toward those, he said he would go take the dubbing of Mr. Terry’s (*Terry The AKI-06), or something. I just said, “What?”, Terry instead told him that: “If you’ve come here by bus for 420 yen, then the price is just 420 yen likewise.”, before he came back (funny indeed). When I honestly, really did not feel like to as strongly as I do, he already started to sing; in this sense he is younger but a predecessor for me. And will remain that, perpetually, you know. Now we better understand each other. For that experience, or not. Cozzy, too, gives me the “intense” time when met on the stage. The time we share there has, I feel, a great influence on what I am when I am back to my private time. As is the case with other artists, I can deepen my relationships with those whom I have played in the field with, each time I meet them. My younger brother is following suit, too. I actually haven’t met so often Shunsuke, 2 years younger. Rueed, 9 years younger. But as we grew up together until I was leaving my home. When I joined a soccer club, he would: a volley one, volley one; abacus, abacus, same things repeated. Then even when he does the same thing, he’s left better records than mine like having being a captain or gotten prizes. Onto the world of actors, with that. He would, on that tide, will well exceed me. Have been influenced by him, for better or worse, yes. For him to take me as a rival or wall surmountable. But when he can’t be up to what he is supposed to, he may be embracing frustration or figuring this world is not “that easy” as he has entertained. Interesting, anyways, right? Three of us doing something like this though brought up in an, uh, ordinary family (you know what I mean).

*Ryoma Sakamoto:
A samurai with aspiration to change the world, in the state of Tosa, in the later stage of Edo era. Born to a wealthy family with an inherited title for lower officer; after getting out of the state (not officially permitted at the time) set up “Kameyama-shachu”, a corporation being both a trading company and political organization (later known as “Kaientai”, or Supporting team from on the sea). Being the mediator of two states that helped bring down Edo government, “Satsu” and “Cho” states, to help bring back the power to the original emperor of Japan to bring forth the modern revolution of Japan, considered one of the most important persons in that era. One month after the power had been determined to be restored to the emperor, assassinated at a certain inn in near Kyoto, at the age of 31.

*Akihiro Miwa:
He (or she for he is rather sexually neutral) started to learn to be a vocalist since he was in a junior school to quit a high school belonging to a national music university to start working as a professional singer at the age of 16. He with versatility sings: classical, chanson, tango, Latin, jazz to start performing in “Gin-pari” (Ginza / Paris or such stage) or on TV to eventually make a mega-hit by his “Meke-meke” in 1957. His revolution of fashion and beauty did shake Japan, down or up. The song of “Yoitomake” (remembering your kind mother sewing during the night for you) of his as one of the original singer-writers in Japan is very famous, This has included, unintentionally, words considered politically incorrect for the poor labor class and at some point of time stopped being broadcast in private TV programs.

*Mr. Kid:
Norihumi, “KID”, Yamamoto. Japanese male martial artist. From Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken in Japan. Managing Krazy Bee. The world champ or Hero’s 2005, middle-class. Nicknamed as “the kid of the God” or just “Kid”. It has, according to what he says, been derived from “his father who had joined Munich Olympics games being the God for him inevitably rendering him the son of His”, or the kid of the God of martial arts; but he also said that when he belonged to a wrestling club at his university, he was called Kid for his small size for wresting, which may be the beginning of his such nickname, with a lot of tattoo on his body silently telling more.

*If you love me:
“If you love me” is a song of a French chanson singer, Édith Piaf, with its original French title as “Hymne à l’amour” to have been enjoyed by people all over the world as one of the best in kind.

*Koji Tamaki:
A musician / actor in Japan. From Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido in Japan. A vocalist in a rock band named “Anzenchitai” (Safety zone), Stopped his work since 2008 for recuperation. Has experienced three times of divorce with a non-show-biz, Hiroko Yakushimaru, Satoko Ando, a keyboard player, and submitted notice of marriage with Mari Ishihara on 25th Feb. 2009 to be rejected. In Dec. 2009, he restarted his work with the same band name, with his current wife an actress named Noriko Aota,

Johann Pachelbel, a composer in German in the middle of 1680’s of baroque period created the Canon piece. Known with the name of Pachelbel’s Canon piece, probably the most famous and most widely known among his works.

*Johnny Depp:
Born in the state of Kentucky. The last of 4 kids. Has drawn blood from French, Irish, German and Cherokee. Started to drink at the age of 12; started to inhale drug at the age of 14, living in the bottom of the hell when he was young, But later he decided to quit all those once for all upon the death of one of his best friends, to often play, from his earlier experiences, weirdos addicted to drug or other in the first stage of his career. Played: Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, etc.

Shunsuke Kubozuka. An actor from Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken, a weather forecaster by qualification, with his older brother being Yosuke Kubozuka also an actor. Belonging to Movie broadcasting team for the young.

Born in Yokosuka. Bread and born Raggamuffin-music DJ nurtured in underground reggae scenes. He loves reggae culture / history in Japan as well as the counterparts in Jamaica, to daily strive for the inheritance of those cultures himself. Has joined many a reggae party such as “Road to Yokohama reggae festival 2K7” for which he’s got the championship, with his flexible skill to create or perform his own works to be proven out, or steadily evolve.

Colloquial expression for turn table, generally referring to Technics SL-1200.

Renowned for having as one of the co-founders Jay-Z (or Shawn Carter). Rocawear that started up with his musical success. Its origin: Roc-A-Fella Records.

A man who had started as a seller of drug to become a rapper that sells more than 50 million copies of his CD all over the world to be successful as a businessman. His wife is Beyonce, known as the couple “earning most in the world” with their renowned total assets exceeding 1 billion dollars.

*Terry The AKL-06:
Represent Osaka. Original 420, “Terry The AKL-06”. An entertainer in the west that sings back-ground stories with reality not constrained by any genre, relics with the flow that can be only written by “AKI-06” with speedy rock in the field. Passed away all of a sudden on the 5th of Aug. 2007 to leave great influential messages nationwide

Live selector of 卍LINE, also releasing mixed CDs of Amato Recordz All Dub Plate Mix or Rebel Vibes Factory.


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