卍LINE / a.k.a. Yosuke Kubozuka

a.k.a. Yosuke Kubozuka

July 2, 2017

It was as if I had been thunderstruck (got you!) for me to start to love money more. They say money is dirty, not every value can be measured by money, or precious things cannot be bought with money. But on the other hand, we are living in the world that moves with money. Economically, it is the blood circulation where she said something like “Old people who are subject to the me-me fraud (a fraud to pretend to be their son / daughter by phone to deceive) have put their money into their chest to stop the blood circulation. Then they deserve being swindled. They are the ones that do not think about societal goods and bads to disturb the sound rhythm of the world. They do deserve.”, which convinced me. She continues, “Those delinquent kids use out the money they swindled out of those old people immediately.”, to drink the night out herself as they do for her to further circulate money. I am well convinced. She’s very frank with a good groove to which I could be very open. Especially, as to “no money owned by part’, which I am partly ashamed of, she’s got too tremendous a digit of money for me not to be able to open, for me to be able to listen to such insightful opinions after all. She also said, “Money is a living creature with wallet being their hut to live in. If you make the hut cozy, money will think that it wants to come back to it again. Have one that is comfortable for you. Then you can think that when you use money, you can tell the going to come back with more of comrades, thanking for that bringing back.” The same feeling as one toward human beings. If you’ve obtained 1 million yen to use it for poor children, is it dirty? The guilt is not on money’s side, but if any on human beings. It is not about whether money is pure or clean, but since there are various ways to use money and time, life also, how to use those is far more important. Then I think that if I have more of money, my family will be more satisfied for more of energy to sprout out, so money is important for me to now think money as a form of love.

Especially those of us who do not know the bubble age belong to the generation of thrift, as the samurai’s word, “stay poor but pure” embodies. An age especially teachers or priests should be like that was there back in time. Now is not such an age. This is not her word, but someone said, “It is wrong to say a woman you have to spend too much money on is troublesome. If you are with such a woman, needed money for that should follow, too. Then if you are beside such a woman, more of money will flow in.”, “They say you’ll be bestowed with your kids as treasure, which not only means that kids themselves are treasure but also that money that should be spent on them until they grow up to leave their parents deposited to parents is treasure. To a kid who wants to study aboard in New York to do this and that for which money is needed, money in turn will come. On the other hand, to a kid that does not cost much money, it won’t much. You’d better stay honest to money.” . It was really enlightening for me to even “feel sorry” to money. A sensation that made me change my minds to put a poster at home that says “Money is love. More of love is to be collected to be dispersed to everyone instead”. The feeling as “I am happy even without money” would have made me stay that way for a lifetime without such encounters.

Those with money should give out money. Those with power power, those with ideas ideas, those with nothing, well, spirit or whatever they’ve got (you know what I mean).

I have shared this story about money with my members where talking about this was sort of taboo as if it had been a curse cast on us. I have been myself glad of having done that as if taking away their burden and relaxing them. I think it is increasingly becoming the age where people will take away the burdens of each other. We are to know someone else’s pain, and joy, to demand half of pain to instead receive half of that someone’s money in return. But the most important thing is not money or such pain but to live the current moment with fun. Those with money should give out money. Those with power power, those with ideas ideas, those with nothing, well, spirit or whatever they’ve got (you know what I mean). I love this wording as truth as I tell those with money in Osaka similar things, to which many agree. Wonderful, indeed. One of juniors of mine once told me “I’ll pay. It is ok. Haves will give.”. Mind comes first. You don’t do something to be happy, but you do that because you are happy with that. Think that way, then the world may be much brighter.


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