卍LINE / a.k.a. Yosuke Kubozuka

a.k.a. Yosuke Kubozuka

July 2, 2017

I didn’t really expect to be able to work with such a legend. Honestly, I thought he was “extraordinary”. Back in time when I was 19 or 20 years old, I went to see him at Yellow or somewhere, he was smoking a big joint like that at his booth which he later passed on to the audience seats, puffing out. I thought Lee Perry was “the man” for that (truly). What the “king” only could do. The songs were made of those of Duppies Band. Should I call it “dub session”? Then I’ve heard that that guy now won’t touch instrumental machines. Intent on just singing. We’ve expected that for this time, too, he would play mixes for us, but he was determined (not to). This time, the album has been made mostly through collaboration. They were all friends of mine, except for Lee Perry. Whom I want to include into them, too, but you know, he is a “sprit” (not human, right). For his age, he still loves women, also having aimed at my Pinky outside the waiting room, with Cozzy next to her having misunderstood that he was instead after her to tell him, “Yah man” (yes for Jamaican English) to be instead indicated “Not you!” (funny). Lee Perry then after smoking was going to smother his cigarettes on “PC” (fire!), The translator told him “not to” and then he borrowed a pen to write out as “I am a fire bad boy.”, to indeed surprise us. To be kept as one of Hot Cozzy’s “treasures”, well, as he said so.

I don’t know the age of post-war Japan, but such energy or all the emotions, joy or anger, in Jamaica do energize me or make me notice something new.

We’ve picked the track first. It should be ok to be Duppies Band for it is “dub”, with the theme to be on it already determined as a song about electricity as it is dub for a company named “everyone is electricity”. Actually, as I wanted to weave that into the collaboration album, as Yuta-man has got a link to Shingo Nishinari, he talked to both me and Shingo. First I met Shingo to record lyrics and captured Lee Perry on the timing he came to Tokyo for him to come over to the studio. We recorded at the studio, or it was we that operated. We’ve had to take the initiative, to call on him as “King!” with cues such as “One more time please” or “Bombo claat” (fuckin’) given out. Then the engineer used the instruments deftly to record it well. A good experience for me, that included. For the first album, I have had a famous artist who showed up in Rockers named Bongoman help create other than Lee Perry, too, with most of my works with Jamaican flavor. When I go to Jamaica to proclaim “Mi Deejay!”, I am then told often to “perform deejay” right away, and if I don’t, it gets hard to live in the town (done than said). If that someone is a leader or something in the city, he may say, “Pussy” or shout “For you didn’t perform deejay, you are a pussy.”, from afar. Then since I hate to be told that, I do sing, first with anxiety, but they will listen nonetheless. As they don’t understand the meaning since mine are in Japanese, they do listen pounding on the wall or get excited with “Bombo claat” for me. They do care whether I am to do or not. They are probably observing whether the guy is with guts or not and if not, they give up on him and if he is, they’ll welcome, an attitude very easy to understand or which Japanese these days have started to discard, or one Japanese used to have right after the last world war, so I felt. I don’t know the age of post-war Japan, but such energy or all the emotions, joy or anger, in Jamaica do energize me or make me notice something new.

V.I.P INTERNATIONAL RECORDS: V.I.P BAND was established in 1989. As the first reggae dance-hall band in Japan, it energetically performed events titled “V.I.P SHOW CASE” and found / raised many Japanese deejays. Afterward, it worked as the back band for internally-acclaimed artists such as JAMALSKI who was reputed working in BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTION in New York, DEE-JAY CAPLETON or BOUNTY KILLER, popular in Jamaica, the home to reggae. It has other good records such as its front act for the Japan tour of SHABBA RANKS who received Grammy Awards, J.C LODGE, a female-lovers singer, BAD BRAINS, a legendary Rasta hard-core band in U.S, or LONG BEACH DUB ALL STARS in California. It started V.I.P INTERNATIONAL RECORDS in 1992. It has greatly affected today’s underground scenes in Japan centered around reggae.

A Japanese reggae MC. Belongs to recording companies such as Cutting edge / Avex trax and also belongs to V.I.P INTERNATIONAL RECORDS as his managing office.

From Nigata prefecture. A reggae MC that belongs to V.I.P INTERNATIONAL RECORDS. The only soul with a high potential for his superb skills with his super-fast speaking and being intent on how to pick / play with words through researching a wide variety of things.

“HECTIC” is a shop Yoshihumi Egawa, a professional skater and Naotake Magara, the buyer for Vintage King, a second-hand clothes shop, opened in 1994, or the original brand for it, started as a select shop back then. Got popular for selecting many of brands for skater or hip-hop fashion items. Later it started its original brands such as Seesaw, MadHectic, Masterpiece.

Onegram co., ltd: the representative agent in Japan for SUPREME.

Bongo Herman: a bongo player born in Kingston Jamaica as his name suggests. During his music activities stretched over half a century, he has produced reputed sessions with his highly acclaimed songs, from rock steady in 60’s, roots reggae in 70’s, dance hall in 80’s to the current activities. He is also famous for having acted in a movie, Rockers, briefly.


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