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April 12, 2019

“Planet Lam” has the concept of evolution of the first album. It’s more experimental and contains more elements like an universe. The perfect environment to evolve our music, is here (Studio Lam).

Then, “Planet Lam” was made with the concept that it’s an album which evolved from the first album. Studio Lam has just opened and we immediately had booking from in and outside of the country from various genres. It was a new band in Thailand with the genre completely different from our band. The bands which performs at Studio Lam can be instrumental, or electric, the genre is very diverse. When Pump, Chris an I come back to Thailand, we are based in Studio Lam and can basically be immersed in sound as much as we like. The perfect environment to evolve our music is here. Because it is also a base which many people come in and out, something new will be born with the influence of each person’s bringing their own sounds and atmosphere from the outside.

Phin and khene are strongly influenced by nature. In fact the sound playing the phin is actually played comparing to a sound of a bee surrounding a flower. The phin string sounds bzz bzz bzz, it is the sound of a bee’s wing. Khene has the sounds of a breeze, or the sound of the wind blowing the palm leaves. The sounds are derived from nature and they make up the traditional melody line. So in “Planet Lam” we thought to make a version of sound including these old traditional melody lines as we added the image of modern city life. I experimented over and over again. First of all, I connected the phin with electric, increased the effect, delayed it and made a breakdown. In the song “Exit Planet Lam” we made it consist of the sound naturally coming from khene and not playing the traditional melody line as we used to do. This song has the nuance of the existence of Studio Lam coexisting in parallel in outer space. It is more experimental and contains many elements, like the universe.

Planet Lam

The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band
Studio Lam
Cat. No.:
  • All Songs Arranged By Maft Sai and Chris Menist
  • Recorded at Dynamic Studio, Bangkok
  • Engineered by Panya Perdpipat
  • Assistant engineer: Saranya Verawat
  • Produced by Maft Sai and Chris Menist
  • Mixed by Nick Manasseh and Chris Menist at The Yard, London
  • Mastered and cut by Frank Merritt at The Carvery
  • Artwork by Lewis Heriz & Maft Sai


Soi 48 (Utsuki Keiichi / Shinsuke Takagi) “Disc guide to traveling Thai Isan music”
DU BOOKS 29917 (C)2017 Keiichi Utsuki, ShinsukeTakagi / disk union


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