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April 12, 2019


Maft Sai
Unknown, Thailand
Dj / Producer / Founder of ZudRangMa Records & Studio Lam / Co-owner of Paradise Bangkok & SaNgaa / The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band

Bangkok, the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Southeast Asia. In this country, Pious Buddhist country, more than 90% of the people believe in the Theravada Buddhism, and historical temples are dotted in the streets and devoted to prayers everyday can be seen on a daily basis. In recent years, high-rise buildings stand side by side under the white sky of photochemical smog and in the evening the car gets congested. Here, Bangkok is a crucible where various races, culture, history, economy, religion intersect. While living in such a hustle and bustle but calm and slow life is overflowing. There is such a charm in this town and people. There is a man who spent his childhood abroad and overlooked his country “Bangkok”, later on He sublimed Thai history and culture, created a whole new music culture. The man’s name Maft Sai.

I sought for music wherever my interest leads me to. In other words, I’m a music junkie.

Sawadikap (Hello). My name is DJ Maft Sai. I run a record store ZudRandMa Records, and is also a Record label. I host an event Paradise Bangkok as well. I’m also a member of The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band which derived from the event. I also run a bar called Studio Lam. Recently, I started to own a Thai Ramen Restaurant SANGAA on Sukhumvit 51 Street. This is pretty much what I do right now. In other words, I’m a music junkie. The reason why is music related in everything that I do. Among all the businesses that I do, there is not one which doesn’t have the element of music. The reason why I started the Thai Ramen Restaurant is music too. It’s a restaurant so my friend does the recipe and my purpose is to create the playlist. My job is to create the atmosphere. From the aspect of business to the aspect of creativity, music is related with everything.

I was born in Thailand and after I studied abroad in Australia in my early teens, I went to England. It was around that time when I first started to buy analogue records disks. I studies many genres from soul, jazz, funk, reggae to electronic and hip hop. When I had bought a collection of vinyls, I started to DJ. From the many labels I collected, I became interested in world music, I found songs which had sampling, and as I sought for music wherever my interest leads me to, I started digging into vinyls which came from Africa, Middle East and Asia. And my interest widened to Thai funk, Luk thung* and Isan*. Recently I started listening to sounds of Indonesia and Malaysia, so the southern sounds are increasing. The deeper you research, you can see the connection between a label and the other label. The relation between era or the culture becomes clear and the journey of research continues. I have come to this point just because I was supposed to come to this point. I may have the characteristic of a digger, a collector, or, a selector. The impact or the music my mind is towards is different depending on what stage of life I am at. For example, there’s a vinyl which I collected 7 years ago. A vinyl which I was not using that often at that time. But as time passes by, I start to wonder, why hadn’t I listened to it this whole time? To reuse a sound source as such, it is a reality that it is being used effectively by finding the value in future projects.

*Luk thung:
It means “song of villagers” or, “a village child”. One of the genres in Thai music. It consists of poetic lyrics from reflection of Thai village life, cultural characteristics or social pattern. It is sang by the theme based on the village life in Thailand such as poverty in the village, romance, beauty of the scenery, religious belief, traditional culture, political crisis.

An area consisting of twenty states in the northeast part of Thailand. Isan is the largest area in Thailand, and it is divided in north part and east part by the Mekong river. Cambodia is located in the southeast, and in the south of Nakhon Rarchasima, is the Sankamphaeng Range. Phetchabun Range on the east divides it from northern and central Thailand.


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