September 17, 2016


Hajime Sorayama
Ehime, Japan

Aerosmith, Disney, Dr. Romanelli, JUUN.J, KAWS, Peter Jackson, Robert Rodriguez, Sony, STUSSY There are countless people in the world that are fascinated by these bewitchingly beautiful and metallic-textured masterpieces. The rare imagination and hyperrealism never cease to stimulate the senses even in a modern society overflowing with input. This first rate entertainment with a realism that doesn’t forget the romance is full of a shockingly playful spirit. Sorayama’s challenge to advance his beliefs is unending.

I’m influenced by everything in creation; unique people and phenomena are things to be respected da Vinci, Disney, Hokusai; as far as I’m concerned, their lives were amazing

I’m influenced by everything in creation; unique people and phenomena are things to be respected. da Vinci, Disney, Hokusai, they’re probably the big three. As far as I’m concerned, their lives were amazing. When I draw I’m also conveying those who came before that I respect. I have to create something that I wouldn’t be embarrassed for them to see. Like da Vinci, for example, would take remains from execution grounds to dissect them; the Pope would have people put to death for that kind of thing. That’s amazing, I could never do something like that. Because I’m not so egotistic, I’m always honest with myself. So, it’s really shameful, but I wear a winner’s face even when I’m a lap behind. There are people that have done great things, and I try to learn from them, but there are also bad examples to learn from, I like to let them go ahead of me.

I like Jacques Cousteau too, the captain of the Calypso that invented the Aqua-Lung. His own son died from that thing but he still held onto his love of the sea. I kinda like Carl Sagan too. Things like astronomy, he was so smart, but he explained super complicated things to children in an easy to understand way. Teachers at school just explain difficult things in a difficult way. [Laughs] More than just having knowledge, I want to create amazing works.

*Jacques-Yves Cousteau (June 11, 1910-June 25, 1997)
Famous for being one of the inventors of the first SCUBA breathing apparatus for diving, called the Aqua-Lung. While conducting research on the ocean and its life forms, he enlightened the general public about that world through books and documentary films. A red knit cap was his trademark. Called “the sea’s lover.”

*Carl Edward Sagan (November 9, 1934-December 20, 1996)
American cosmologist, author, and science fiction author. A former Cornell University professor and head of the university’s planetary research facility. Leader of planetary exploration at NASA. Known for theories such as nuclear winter, terraforming, and the cosmic calendar.

There is no refinement in culture, culture is a parasite. People just pretend it’s refined when things are going well

There is no refinement in culture, culture is a parasite. People pretend it’s refined when things are going well. Besides that, everyone is just flattering power and money. Talking about culture that I still respect, I guess you could say it about anything but… Patronage, like from nobility and royalty, the super rich, that’s your life they’d even feed your wife and children They’d take care of you your whole life and say, “Do what you like!” and things flourished then. When you’re out on your own, worrying about your wife and kids and making ends meet, start making bargains, it clouds the mind. When you didn’t have to worry about that it was a real luxury. But when the next king took over he could just stop it all, So then you’d have to work to your wit’s end to make something that would be timeless.

It happened in Japan too in the closed country period; I think it must’ve been hell for for people that weren’t so talented. Even though they were willing, there was no chance, because they couldn’t find a place. And a majority of people would die having held a grudge their whole lives, 99% of people just disappeared, 1% were lucky, I think it was just luck and talent; a premature death or like dying young is another part of being talented. It’s out of the question not to notice when you happen across a small chance, try to make everything better and build relationships. Making art with that mindset; live a dirty, passionate life; that’s all there is. So I think I’d like to do a patronage for an unsociable, talented writer.

From the physical perspective, there’s a reason for it. People overthink it and hold back; those kind of people are just sad, pitiful

I’ve had a fetish for metal since I was a kid. Duralumin for aircraft, Japanese swords, chrome plating, steel tools; metal is erotic and feels sexy. Based on the essence of women, it’s natural to take an interest in the opposite sex. So, I love women, I think women are goddesses. I’m a hedonist and believe in personal accountability so, for example, even if I turn into a vegetable, I’m gonna to seek pleasure. That could be smoking, doing drugs, gambling, self-destructive things; based on the pleasure principal, it’s aesthetically pleasing self-destruction. I think seeking pleasure is the ultimate aesthetic. Things like rights and equality are considered ideal; that’s supposed to be pursued so you think you have always try and get closer to that.

Tokyo is so weird now; people no longer go along with their own nature. Tokyo is affluent and there are so many people that misinterpret things so it’s died down a lot. Those guys that claim to be uninterested or abstinent; they still get morning wood. [Laughs] An appetite for food and sex is fundamental; I think people that deny that are liars. I understand there are guys that say they don’t get wood; it’s okay if you wanna say you don’t get hungry and don’t have an appetite. Your appetite for food is your instinct for self preservation and an appetite for sex is the instinct to leave behind a seed to preserve the human race. Just from the physical viewpoint there’s a reason for it, but people overthink it and hold back; those kind of people are just sad, pitiful.


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