November 17, 2016

It is hot. The guys who are pursuing an American old traditional culture, they ask a Japanese for main LOGO.

An old car race called The Race of Gentlemen is carried out every year at the shore of New Jersey. They asked me for the LOGO of the race. When I went to the United States, I often hang around with people of Oilers. They are guys pursuing American traditional culture, like motorcycle or car, and all the appearances are traditional. However, it is hot to ask a Japanese for main LOGO, isn’t it? Originally it is their culture. It is the sense that a Japanese wears a kimono and play at Festival called 祭[Matsuri]. Nevertheless, they offer foreigner to make their main logo. I think American has a each own filter. In the case of a Japanese, it does not work for sensitivity even if they think that some picture is good. The person who wrote this picture is important. For example, a painter is what kind of person and knows the background where there is a connection with what kind of person. So they tend to evaluate it in peace.

I don’t wanna make it that has only an appearance. I like things with the humanity.

This is the cup which I bought for around 2 dollars in antique mall at the Orange County. I like that American Seven-Eleven produced it. I like design of Jesse James because he is the outlaw with the rule. It is cheap but this cup is good. I use this carefully. For example, this pen is a case way of the power, and a touch changes. The old pen is like.. sh-boom.. The strength and weakness appear. Old tool’s system are thought of carefully, and a pen point is changed in various ways, and ink comes to collect. I think that there are too many things which a parenthesis is only good for now. There are not depth. I am not interested. Though it is natural, as for doing composition and a visual loudly, but I don’t wanna make it that has only an appearance. When the people watch stuff, they becomes fun. I want to make the stuff with such story characteristics. I like things with the humanity.

As for me, I like some faults in daily life. It becomes interesting only by a one thing different being mixed.

Jump, Magazine, Young Jump, Young Magazine and Champion etc.. A thing of that time is left all the time. The thing of the 80’s has good story, too. There are comics called “Buruchu[ぶるーちゅ]” by the subplan of comics called “Rokudenashi BLUES[ろくでなしBLUES]”. It does not have a letter and is comprised of only an image. There is a story to compete for kindness in the comics. At first a main character brings a small grandma, and at last he bring a great big grandma desperately. I love boxing, and a lot of boxers appear in the comics. 佐藤レイ[Sato Rei] aka Sugar Ray called as Leonard. A character called ジェニファー顔斎[Jennifer] appears, but the strong boxer called the Khaosai Galaxy exists actually. With Chavez of Maeda.. haha. An author fitted the make frequently, and a character attracted attention very much. In other words there was the funny sense of the story. For example Senses is.. to express at an interval. All is best timing. There is no explanation, but we can understand all in 1 last scene. 小平二[Koheiji] beat down at school grounds and clothes are folded at the next lol It is not mere Yankee comics. It has good taste in the Wabi-Sabi.

As for me, I like some faults in daily life. For example, there is the person who is the frightful fatty.. During great serious meeting but there is the guy that one is naked.. Is it absolutely interesting right? If such a thing occurs, I draw it ASAP. It becomes interesting only by a one thing different being mixed. I want a trick into everything.


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