November 17, 2016




The definition of “fusty” is the moldy, musty and also old-fashioned or out-of-date. The concept of my artwork is to give a feeling of story behind with my specialty of classical and precise outline, rather than just giving a eye pleasing art work. FUSTY WORKS drawing the extraordinary of ordinary. His roots is mixture soup, like a gumbo soup that take into everything.

I used really into any kind of culture that I was interested in. My style made of several culture, something like that.

Fusty Works’s icon is Kuniyoshi‘s face art that made of alphabet character. When most of people see his art, they feel strange feelings just like Dirty old man. He is a punk and real lowbrow artist. His painting skill is awesome but also full of humour. In Edo era, He already painted his famous art that express people’s head into dick. That’ it. I think his style is antithesis to the world. He always asks what is good thing for the world. Ukiyoe has several style, for example, Hirhoshige and Hokusai’s art is recognised as an art. Otherwise cheap and minor art was also exist. And those art is more popular in common people. It matured work in seclusion era. In short, even 200 years they had to pursue entertainment. It must be very interesting, you know.

Vigo, Ronald Searle, Edward Gorey, Sendak I also like. “Where The Wild Things Are” is one of my favourite movie. I was really crazy about it. Unique idea, cool painting and.. everything is awesome. McFarlane toy is launched the figures a long time ago. It was made well they contain up to touch the toy. I got one in Harajuku Cat Street and I cherish even now. When I was young, I like picture books and caricature. I was looking just like that of overseas all day. After all, I wanna draw a picture book for now. The book which I read at the time of the child, things still awesome, I do draw those things is the best for me. What I drew the first time in today’s style, it was a skins painting with the swastika. I remember.. the painting is more European taste one rather than “American History X” I feel funny when I see the painting. Because it looks like too much sharp and young.

The elementary school days, the world where an ordinary man coexists with a genius. The guy who wear Bobson’s jeans make fun of the guy who wear Levi’s jeans..

You know, Young generation do into pure sense. In my case, I became addict to the sk8 culture, some of my friends became addict to DJ and Rap culture. Sk8 culture is White people’s culture and Hip-Hop is Black culture. Now I understand those culture is different roots but at that time those culture had to coexist. In these day, I have to think of roots of culture, no need to thinking essentially. Anyway there were some cool guys each genre. I was mixing and building my style form those source. Therefore I like rock, Hip-Hop or whatever. If I compare it, His hair style was kinky permanent but his Sk8 skill was awesome. Though he was former motorcycle gangs but his DJ skill seems to be good.. My friends was such like those strange kind of character. In our generation was such like that. I mean those cool but funny culture was still remain. The elementary school days, the world where an ordinary man coexists with a genius. The guy who did not wear shoes.. The guy who always wear shorts even if on a snowy day.. The guy who set up chemical jeans and too much tight jersey.. The guy who wear Bobson’s jeans make fun of the guy who wear Levi’s jeans.. There were really strange guys there. However, they have their own style. I mean, That’s mixture style, you know.

“two sides of the same coin” There is all the essential thing in such a thing.

My style is based on Street culture. I like motorcycle, automobile’s culture. I also like Ed Roth, Von Dutch and Robert Williams.. and VC Johnson, Jim Phillips and Pushead etc.. I got this stick when I had collaborate with Jeff Decker. One side is the skull and the other side is raven. It means “two sides of the same coin”. There is all the essential thing in such a thing.

I feel.. A vehicle is freedom. If the people who has a brand new car, they thought a old vintage car is trouble maker. But I enjoy it. I enjoy all. My motorcycle is ’79 model and my automobile is ’77 model. I like more old and vintage hot rod culture. Long time ago, rich people like Gatsby who ride on those automobile with chop top custom. In the beginning Art is rich’s play, and after it gradually became public culture.


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