February 17, 2016

I make a good thing while eating my passion. So I’m making the present products with the present tools.

For example, some people say that this sewing machine is classic model and vintage one. But I can’t believe it. You know, I believe that presently people use present sewing machine is true. There are people who make sewing machine, they can’t live if we don’t buy the machine. It means the sewing machine will extinct. So I’m making the present products with the present tools. Somewhere there is a man like me. I mean, we should help each other like who making, sewing machine or knitting yarn etc.. If they don’t those cultures will extinct.

The man who belongs one UK fabric maker came to my flag shop. He told me that fabric biz is Tuff and Tuff. He said “I’m living my life while eating PASSION.” His word was so impressive for me, I thought he was cool man. In other words he expresses “whatever I wanna make best quality stuff if I became poor.” So I said to him, “I will get your stuff if I find it somewhere!” and He bought my stuff. Honestly speaking, I thought discount the price was better for him, but I didn’t, because he spitted his soul into his product like me. I mean, if I will find your stuff, I bought it with no discount. That’s all. I thought to help each other from now on, and I was happy to know the man like him in the world.

I make my stuff for knowing the answer and face to products. I hope I will know the answer if I made my stuff by only my hands.

I spent long time in the library when I make new product. Then I research a lot of data for confirming my idea became true. I know getting data from Wikipedia is the easy way. But in my case, reading books and researching data is really important and impressive for me. I feel through book by hand, you know. I believe that a heart dwells in products.

I think the idea is always in myself. When I watched a beautiful thing, it becomes clear. So I’m trying to touch a chance and think a great deal of heart to be impressed by. I work every day and improve my skill to make the imagination that I thought about in a head as reality in the state of things.

‘I don not do anything nonsense.’ When I was young I thought this is right. However, I understand the truth that there is not nonsense work. Oneself with such a thought was a worthless human being. I make my stuff for knowing the answer and face to products. You know, I was a tailor. I’ve been watching the thing said to be good in the world and the thing that is a good seller. As for those, the times stop there after all. That’s not my answer. People need to move their hands to know those products’ quality.

Something that cannot be expressed in words, Soul dwells on stuff. I’ve been keeping my job only that I’ve been feeling good.

I don’t like the word “Craftsman”. Because.. You know, easier said than done. In my case I use the word “Designer”. It’s comfortable for me. Cos Designer should be doing everything. For example, in fashion industry, Design, Sewing, Sample.. And finally I think I should submit it to the factory. I’m a designer. So I express my stuff that it comes to mind.

I am sewing by handmade, sometimes I use sewing machine. Though still might be my masturbation.. But I thought hand-sewn is perfect when people use stuff. Stitch hits the hand.. Something like this. I believe hand-sewn has something that I can not be expressed in words. I understand when I use a hand-sewn stuff, I’m sure hand-sewn is the best. It’s too deeply world. Though the straight line exists in the computer, but the straight line does not exist in the reality world. I think that “an article” exists there where we thought to put in “an interval” and the details of a stitch and the stitch piled up. Not only I am rustic and robust, but also aim to produce with the article.

In addition, I make my stuff while thinking that I repair my stuff because after all the products will be broken. People had been using the product for a long time if they use any product carefully. However, I think the leather’s good point is taste. For example, If I bought the product of the nylon and chemical fiber, they are the best condition at that point after that they will just degrade. That’s what I meant.. Time when I bought the natural thing, it’s just beginning. I mean.. It’s splendid because it’s peaked more.


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