February 17, 2016

I was longing to Matt Dillon at the movie “Rumble Fish”. I used to go to “LONDON NITE” and “ROCKABILLY NITE” for listening to the music.

When I was a boy, I was addicted to the movie. “Streets of Fire” and “The Outsiders“, you know, I was influenced by those movies and I wore a denim jacket. Matt Dillon’s way to wind bandana and leather bracelet in the movie of “Rumble Fish” was also impressive for me. Dennis Hopper, Mickey Rourke, Tom Waits and Nicolas Cage.. It was a wonderful casting! After all, I love the movie. You, know, I was influenced a lot. At the same time, I tended into music like Clash and Sex Pistols. So I used to go to “LONDON NITE” and “ROCKABILLY NITE”. I became to know such music. I still have been listening.. Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack.. Something like that. I had devoted myself to the Motor bicycle culture so that I addicted to Southern Rock Music. The southern people had a cool feeling about motor bicycle. I joined a vintage-clothes shop when I was 18 years old. Such like Lynyrd Skynyrd.. He was a chef‐d’oeuvre for me.

Mr. Kensho Onuki of Kenrocks presents the event. It’s a monster party “Dancing in the Rock” is The theme for the first time of the rock DJ’s event in Japan. It’s a Monster event kept at 35 years.
A legendary event of the charismatic DJ Billy Kitamura who organized it at the Shinjuku Tsubaki House.

It was vain I’m just looking for something that old people had made. Feeling that want to make things was really strong, but I just did not know what I should make of.

I like those old clothes and import one and participated in an old‐clothes store when I was 18 years old. I concerned about store that had underground taste. I could go to the US and EU for buying and check out the old clothes. I looked most of all rolling vintage stuff around the world. I got into the second clothing business and got much information about it. However.. One day, I noticed this is totally nothing. Though I searched every stuff which made by someone. This is not my style. I couldn’t nothing to make my stuff. I had a strong feeling about making something by myself. But I was too young to know my style. I mean, I didn’t know myself. At that time, My friends invited me because he begins his own clothes shop. But that job was not made something, that was just manageable. For example, to make clothes is.. In other words, in music industry.. It was a DJ. In my case, I wanted to play the guitar on your own hand. So I was independent of myself at 30 years old.

I made stuff with my own hands, then all the stuff express its own story. I mean, all my work is.. Every time I spit my soul. I think that people cannot the good stuff who does not know the joys and sorrows of life.

I think I have a story to the whole stuff because I made by own hands after all. I mean there is a story, it should have been stuck. Absolutely. You know. To take real time to make something one by one, it’s a really tuff time for me. So.. If someone asks me about my stuff, I will talk about it endlessly. I had a such thing happened when I made this. It takes all night long, ha-ha.

For me.. I like to read a book. But it’s criminal one, hard-boiled one and.. Kind of detective one lol. I like to imagine into such a book. In the book, the hero pays money. I imagine what kind of wallet does he use? He must be using such a wallet? I always imagine those kind of things. I think that people cannot the good stuff who does not know the joys and sorrows of life. People are worried, troubled, hesitate.. Lose one’s self.. That’s life, you know. So that’s why those people make something is awesome. In my case.. No pain No gain, you know. Somebody might think.. The easiest way was existed there, why don’t you use those way? But my style is totally different. I made my stuff with heart therefore it’s not good people who use my stuff are becoming unhappy. My goal is.. You know, Grok Leather (GL) means Good Luck. So people will get luckier with my stuff.


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