With Regards to Copyright

Copyright Attribution

moc ("the website") is an HEG Bros. & Co. interview, electronic commerce, and referral website. As a general rule, the contents of the website are produced by HEG and we own the copyright. In addition to the copyright of individual content, HEG also owns the compilation copyright for content that has been compiled into website form. However, copyright for content such as photos contributed by an external photographer or anyone other than our employees will belong to the original author as a general rule.

Handling of Copyright

A license is necessary if you desire to use our content beyond the scope of "private use" or "fair use" as outlined on this website. Use of external contributions will require the permission of the original author. Screenshots, translations, adaption, broadcasting, publishing, selling, or leasing of the website without permission is not allowed. It will be considered copyright infringement if content from this site is diverted for use on any webpage besides ours, transmitted electronically or via e-mail, or used on an intranet without permission. This applies to the webpages of individuals and non-profit organizations and applies even if only a portion of the content is used not in whole.

Scope of Fair Use

"Fair use" as defined by copyright law, refers to partial use of content to a limited degree for such purposes as news reporting, criticism, and research.
A "limited degree" means:
(1) A "necessity" to quote the original work exists
(2) The relationship is that the destination work is "primary" and the quote is "subordinate" both quantitatively and qualitatively
(3) The destination work and the original work are clearly distinguishable
An explicit citation is required to satisfy these conditions.

Downloading Content

The downloading of content from this website by individuals to their personal computer will be considered "reproduction for personal use" as defined by copyright law. However, the use of such downloaded content is limited to the individual himself/herself and his/her family. If material downloaded by an individual is used by other parties such as a company, such use will exceed the scope of "personal use." Such cases will be considered a copyright issue whether or not the use was for commercial purposes.

Linking to the Website

As a general rule, you may freely link to the website. If you post a link, please let use know what the content of the linking site is as well as the purpose of the link via the contact section of the website. If the link is for the purpose of profit or solicitation, or if the linked content is framed in such a way as to make the authorship ambiguous, or in any other case that does not fit with the spirit of the website, such as use that is likely to harm the business or reputation of HEG, we may refuse to allow the link.