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Theppabutr Productions: The Man Behind The Molam Sound 1972-75 – V.A.


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This is the first in a series of compilations on key producers of modern molam music from Northeast Thailand. In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980’s, these pioneers created an exciting, electric sound from the centuries-old folk music traditions of the region, releasing groove-laden vinyl gems that sound just as fresh and dynamic today as they did nearly fifty years ago. Up first is the legendary producer Theppabutr Satirodchompu, the man behind the modern molam sound.

タイ北東部のモダン・モーラムの主要プロデューサーに関する最初のコンピレーション作品。1960年代、1970年代、そして1980年代、これらの先駆者たちは、何世紀にもわたるフォークミュージックの伝統からこのエキサイティングなエレクトリックサウンドを生み出しました。50年経った現代においても色褪せる事なく新鮮でダイナミックなグルーヴの入ったビニールという宝石なのです。まず最初に伝説的なプロデューサーのTheppabutr Satirodchompuをご紹介します。モダン・モーラムの裏にこの人あり。


1. Lam Yao Salab Teoy : Banyen Rakkaen

2. Siang Toey Jak Jai : Banyen Rakkaen
3. Lam Plearn Kiew Bao : Chanpen Sirithep
4. Sao Isan Lam Khaen : Yupin Kanfung

5. Lam Plearn Charoen Jit : Banyen Rakkaen

6. Lam Plearn La Dub Lohk : Banyen Rakkaen

7. Lam Plearn Ha Fan : Chanpen Sirithep

8. Lam Plearn Sam Jang Wa : Sumalee Pongkate

9. Lam Plearn Isan Lang : Kesinee Na Banrai
10. Saksiam Dearn Glon : Saksiam Petchchompu
11. Saksiam Krab Fan : Saksiam Petchchompu

12. Kor Hai Rak Jing : Sabaipare Buasod

13. Tam Nong Klub Sarakham : Saksiam Petchchompu

14. Tid Kiew Tiew Krung : Porn Tawan

15. Nong Bor Ti King : Banyen Rakkaen

16. Hug Ai Bor : Roied Petchsiam

17. Keun Pen Ken Faai : Banyen Rakkaen

+ First released outside of Thailand and the first-time ever reissue in worldwide
+ Anthology of the 1970s recordings by legendary producer of Isan, Thailand
+ Collection of rare, heavy, deep & raw molam tunes
+ Compiled by Maft Sai
+ Gatefold cardboard sleeve jacket plus inserts
+ 26 pages booklet of producer & bands information, interview, records sleeve, 45 center art and rare photo
+ English liner notes

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CD / Compilation
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